Director's Perspective


Director’s Perspective

November 2020

This year is like no other and Hubbard Public Library (HPL) is continuing to improve, expand and provide new resources to benefit our community during these challenging times.  History tells us that in periods of crisis, people rely on their local libraries more than ever.  We are here, creating stability and a semblance of normalcy in the lives of Hubbard area residents.  Although limited in staffing and funding over the last nine months, through creativity and hard work, HPL has safely continued to provide quality programming for all ages, open the new Toy Lending Library, expand wireless internet access outside the library building, increase access to digital materials, and much more.  

We are very appreciative for the support we receive from our patrons through state funding, our local levy and your generous donations that are gifted directly to the library or come through the Hubbard Friends of the Library.  We would not be able to serve you at the current level without your support. 

I want to share information with you about the present status of funding for Ohio’s public libraries.  At the state level, we are fortunate to be funded through the Public Library Fund (PLF) which receives a percentage of the state’s tax revenues from the state’s General Revenue Fund (GRF).  Revenue sources for the GRF include the state personal income tax, sales and use tax, business tax, etc. 

The PLF is currently set at 1.7% of the GRF, but it will be automatically reduced to 1.66% on July 1, 2021.  This will cut state funding for all of Ohio’s public libraries. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, economic activity in Ohio has slowed considerably which in turn has depressed GRF tax revenues.  As a result, libraries have seen and will continue to see a reduction in PLF funding. 

The Ohio Library Council (OLC) is working with Ohio’s public libraries to educate members of the Ohio General Assembly, both incumbents and those newly elected.  We know that you value your public library and recognize the ways in which libraries create opportunities and transform lives.  We will be working with the OLC during the next several months to retain essential state funding for Ohio’s public libraries. 

Thank you again for your support.  I am honored to serve the Hubbard community.


Sincere regards,

Lorena Hegedus



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