Code of Conduct

Approved by: Board
Date : 2/21/2011 (2014)
Library Code of Conduct
The Library building, surrounding property, and furnishings of the Library are public property and are for the use of all patrons.  Any defacement or misuse of the library building or furnishings, including the yard and shrubbery cannot be tolerated.
The inventory of the Library is maintained for the use of its patrons.  The loss or defacement of any material/equipment must be compensated for by the person or persons responsible for the damage.
            The Library is established and operated for the use of its patrons.  Persons      
            who disturb the normal routine of the Library impinge upon the rights of  
            others who seek to use the Library.  Patrons who do not respect the rights  
            and privileges of others will be asked to leave the Library. To maintain the  
            normal routine of the Library, the following guidelines will be enforced:
• Smoking and the use of electronic cigarettes are not permitted in the library, and within 100 feet of the library’s entrance.
• Soliciting is prohibited.
• Sleeping in the library is prohibited.
• Food and drinks are not permitted in the computer areas.
• Shirts and shoes are required to be worn in the Library.
• Only quiet conversations are permitted in study areas.
• A maximum of 4 persons is permitted at a table.
• Radios, cassette players, or other listening devices may not be used in the Library unless used with headphones and the sound is not audible.
• Use of personal cell phones is discouraged. Visitors are asked to turn their cell phones off when entering the library or setting the ringer to a soundless alert.  
• To protect the safety of library patrons, no one may linger on the walks, porches, driveways, or lobbies of the Library.
• Guide dogs and companion dogs that assist people with disabilities are permitted in the Library. To protect the safety of library patrons, no other animals may be brought into the Library unless part of a program approved by the Library Director.
            Staff will warn library users once if their talking or behavior is distracting  
            to other library users.
If the behavior persists and results in another comment, those people causing the distraction will be requested to leave the Library and grounds.
A request to leave the Library means that a user may not come back the remainder of the day.