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Q and A

Why is the library still at reduced hours of service, including being closed on Saturdays when it appears the library is fully staffed?

Although, since September 6, the circulation department has been fully staffed, the appropriate training of multiple new employees in the same department takes time. Having the availability of scheduling staff for overlapping hours during the week enables us to effectively train as well as to catch up on tasks that fell behind while we were short-handed (inventory of the collection and shelf-reading, for example). 

Additionally, the library has an Administrative Assistant vacancy posted and there are staff who require time away from work before the end of 2022 for various reasons.  

While making these decisions is never easy, keeping service hours consistent for the remainder of the year while offering the most hours possible on our busiest days is the best solution. If you are finding that you are not able to access materials, services, or resources due to our reduced hours, please contact Director Lorena Hegedus immediately. We will do our best to make accommodations or provide alternative services to ensure you can access your library resources.

Contact information:

Email: lorena@beyond-books.org

Phone: 330-534-3512 ext 6111