Lynne Cassidy


I’m Lynne Cassidy and work at the Circulation Desk.

I’ve always believed that the choices you make today determine your future. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein has several life lessons on choices for children and adults: giving vs taking, nature vs humanity, sacrifice vs greed, wants vs needs, selflessness vs selfish. But my favorite is a summary by Whitney Collins for Barnes and Noble: “You probably think that the Tree got the raw deal in this book. That love really isn’t the answer, because, hey! Just look where unconditional love got her. Well, let me counter by saying: Just look where not-loving got the Boy. If everyone just acted on love instead of fear, we’d be a lot better off. We’d have each other and our branches and none of our shoes and all of the apples and houses NOT made of twigs. Now. Doesn’t that sound nice?”