Borrow an eReader

The Library lends digital devices!

  • 5 Mobile HotSpot
  • 1 Kindle (Amazon)
  • 2 Kindle Paperwhite (Amazon)
  • 1 Kindle Fire (Amazon)
  • 2 Kindle Fire HD (Amazon)
  • 1 Nook (Barnes & Noble)
  • 2 Kobo ereaders
  • 1 iPad (in library use only, 2 hour limit)

Please read through the follow Frequently Asked Questions, and let us know if you have any other questions we can assist with. (If you'd like to send us a question by email, click here.)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question #1: How do I get in line for the devices?
    • Answer: Devices are on a first come, first serve availability and cannot be requested. You may call to check on availability and expected return of specific devices. 
  • Question #2: How long do we get to borrow the device?
    • Answer: eReaders  are available to lend for 3 weeks with no renewals. We want as many patrons as possible to have a hands-on opportunity to learn about them. iPads are available for 2 hour in library use only.
  • Question #3: Are there fines for bringing back the devices late?
    • Answer: Yes, the fine for  eReaders  is $5.00 per day. iPad fees are in the amount of $5.00 per hour. If your electronic device is lost, stolen, or damaged (this includes both device and/or accessories); you will be held responsible for all applicable replacement costs and processing fees (up to $300.00 plus accrued late return fees for eReaders; up to $700.00 plus accrued late fees for the iPad.)
  • Question #4: Do I get to purchase and/or download ebooks, or are ebooks already preloaded on the devices?
    • Answer: Each device will have 10-20 ebooks already loaded on the device, and you will be unable to purchase or download additional content. However, you can request a Book-a-Librarian session and have the device unregistered to load Overdrive materials.
  • Question #5: Do I have to leave a deposit with the library when I check out one of the devices?
    • Answer: You won't need to leave a deposit, but you will have to sign a borrowing agreement that says you agree to pay for the full replacement costs of the device and carrying cases.
  • Question #6: Can children check out these devices?
    • Answer: Patrons must be 18 years old or older to check out the devices. That doesn't mean a parent couldn't let their child use the device. It just means that the adult will be responsible for any damages or loss of the device. Patrons must also have a valid, current Hubbard Public Library card and photo ID.
  • Question #7: Are there user manuals available for each of the devices?
    • Answer: Yes, there are. Use the links to the manuals listed below.