Statewide Materials Delivery Delay



The Hubbard Public Library hopes to clear up any confusion with some explanation of what has happened over the last few months during the change in the delivery services statewide. Additionally, what we have been doing on our end to make sure that our patrons are heard and prioritized. Please feel free to call or stop in and talk directly to our Director, Lorena as she has an open door policy to everyone if you still have any questions, but we hope that the following will clear any confusion up. 

The entire state of Ohio uses the same delivery service to share materials between libraries and among consortia regardless of location, size, or affiliations.  The contract for deliveries is handled by the State Library of Ohio, not by each individual library.  As the contract for delivery service was coming to an end with Priority Dispatch, early this year the State Library put out a request for quotes.  The result was the switch from Priority Dispatch to STAT, the current delivery company as of June 2021

Hubbard Public Library, nor CLEVNET had any decision-making power over the choice of vendors.  We are at the mercy of the State Library’s choice as well as the operations of STAT.  While any change has its difficulties and a new vendor must be given time to acclimate, this has been an extremely rough road. Hubbard Public Library has done all it can to voice complaints to the State Library, make suggestions, fill out delivery reports, and ensure our patrons have first access to Hubbard materials.

If you would like to follow the updates as to the State Library's dealings with STAT, here is the link.