The Magical Place

There is one place in the city of Hubbard, Ohio where magic happens. This isn’t the type of magic that can be seen on David Copperfield specials. This is the type of magic that comes from the world of discovery. That place for me at least is the Hubbard Public Library.

This is a place of wonder and discovery. I started coming here ten years ago. I first encountered the Friends book sale and this fueled my love of reading. Over the years, I have amassed a collection of first editions that I enjoy. From Tom Clancy to David Baldacci to Sonia Sotomayor or Rob Lowe, the library is the place that started it all.

What is so great about this library? Let me count the ways. First and foremost, the staff always makes me feel at home. They are kind and receptive to my requests and this is the place that keeps me busy during the day. I can come and work on Text broker articles and read whatever I can get my hands on. Another fun reason to utilize the library is that it is open six days a week. The only day it is closed is on Sunday.

One of the other reasons the library is so useful is that I can use and learn about the latest technology. For example, if a person got a Kindle or Apple I-pad there are pamphlets one can have in order to figure out how to get e-books and download audio books. Another reason is that the Hubbard Public Library is part of a consortium called CLEVNET. It is part of a system of libraries that can send materials from one library to another.

The best reason for people to use libraries these days is that it is totally free. People can check out books for three weeks at a time. DVD and Blu-ray discs can also be checked out for one week. This is the best deal when it comes to watching movies because it can save patrons money. Rather than spend money at a rental store for one night only people can keep the movie for seven times that length and it costs nothing. It doesn’t get much better than this.

This is the magic of libraries and what they mean. When a child can access the latest books and play with toys at story time. It is a place where people can meet and get things done. It is a place of constant wonder and new discoveries. This is the Hubbard Public Library.

Written by Kenny Newell