Hubbard Township Meeting

Where: Hubbard City Administration Building.
When: Monday, August 9th. 2021. 6pm. 
What: Trumbull County Board of Health.
Why: ERAC, (Environmental Review Appeals Commission) has ruled in favor to accept the application for permitting Transrail, (The C&DD Landfill proposed for operation on Drummond Avenue) in Hubbard Township to move forward under the old and outdated landfill regulations! 

As a former founding member of HELP, (Hubbard Environmental and Land Preservation) which fought for over 15 years to keep this toxic operation from locating in our Community, I see no good in both the City and Township if this (Dump) were to locate here! These are toxic, unhealthy operations that will affect our and our families' health through leachate, (the underground runoff) penetrating our drinking waters! Property values will be affected and plummet as well! Under the grandfather rules and regulations, these monstrous landfills can locate within 50 feet of a resident's drinking water well and 100 feet from homes and wetlands! The new regulations are much stricter! 

I am asking that all concerned residents both City and Township and all City and Township Zoning boards, and City and Township officials attend this meeting as the Trumbull County Board of Health can either Vote to Approve or Disapprove to accept ERAC’s decision in allowing the landfill to move forward and begin operating! 

We must refuse to become a Dumping ground for toxic Landfills and Injection Wells! Together, United we can and will make a difference! It is up to us to keep our community and our families safe and in the best of health! Please inform your families and friends of this meeting! 
Residents and Officials will have an opportunity to speak at this meeting! Landfill attorneys will be present as well as all Trumbull County Board of Health members! 

Rick Hernandez
Chairman, Hubbard Township Board of Trustees