Dan Schultz, Business Owner, Retired; Adult Patron, HPL:

Dan Schultz, Business Owner, Retired; Adult Patron, HPL:

“It was a great joy to discover the Hubbard Public Library when my wife and I moved here to Hubbard five years ago. We came to Hubbard to help our daughter and her husband care for our then five-year old granddaughter and our soon to be second granddaughter.

Over the past five years, my two granddaughters and I have been thrilled regulars attending "Rhythm and Rhyme" and "Once Upon A Time" and the many other programs developed and presented by the Librarians of the Children's Department.

The Children's Librarians are incredibly inventive in their presentations of the programs they develop for us. Our girls know that Mrs. Russo, Mrs. Tiribassi and Mrs. Balla are always excited to see them, love to listen to their own stories and are always willing to help suggest or find new book adventures. Just as important, they really are our friends, and my granddaughters are always glad and excited when I suggest a trip to the library.

We have also met many other local parents, grandparents and other children at library events. Through our visits we have formed rewarding new relationships with many other families in our town that we might not otherwise have met.

My granddaughters are learning that our Library is a venue of dependable fun, friendship, learning and amazing experiences. I feel that the Children's Programs at Hubbard Public Library have really helped to better socialize my granddaughters to become strong girls and strong members of our community.”