Makerspace Sessions

These appointment-based sessions are for you if you…

  • …own a Cricut machine but feel like you have no clue what you are doing!
  • …have a project you need help with in any of the areas described.
  • …are tired of searching Pinterest and Google for answers.
  • …want to learn how to use our cricut machine before you purchase your own.


Have a photo that you need help with in Photoshop

  • Restore torn images from years of storage
  • Fix the coloring 
  • Crop and filter out unwanted parts of the photo


Please refer to the MakerSpace area for our agreement when using our makerspace. While it has not been updated, we do ask that you review it to make sure you are aware of some of the key points. Also, This is not a workshop. Patrons are encouraged to bring a project/idea /and/or materials to work with. We are really excited to work with you!

Please email us at to set up an appt.